How It Works

Until now, building a winning sports betting system required a Ph.D. in statistics, advanced computer programming skills, and time poring over spreadsheet data. Now with Bet Labs anyone can easily build, explore, and profit from data-driven betting systems.

Bet Labs does all the heavy lifting. Members have instant access to a massive database of propriety sports betting information. Simply select from 400+ data filters and immediately see historical results. There is no need to learn a special coding language or even how to use spreadsheets.

If you can click a mouse, you can use Bet Labs.

There are two ways to use Bet Labs:


Leverage our massive betting database and 400+ filters to conduct your own research and build your own proprietary betting systems. The possibilities are limitless. You can test almost any idea or theory in seconds. Once you set up your selected systems, we’ll notify you whenever a game fits your systems. More on building »

Pro systems


Choose from over 50 professionally developed betting systems. Paying members can follow as many systems as they want, with notifications when upcoming games meet the selected systems. They can also view, follow, and comment on community shared systems. More on exploring systems »

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