Tonight is Game 6 of the 2016 World Series.  While it’s tough to create a system based specifically on this situation (due to small sample size), I did want to look at some historical data within Bet Labs to see if there was anything interesting.  Rather than just focusing on Game 6’s in the World Series, I decided to also include Game 6’s in the ALCS and NLCS as well.  This gave me two trends that both point towards Cleveland closing out the series tonight at home.

Home Teams


Home teams have gone 12-4 in Game 6’s in the playoffs and have won by an average of nearly 3.5 runs per game.  This was resulted in +6.7 units won for bettors taking the team with home field advantage.

Close Out Games


Teams trying to clinch the World Series are 10-6 in these pivotal games.  While they would still have a chance to win in a Game 7, more often than not the team that is winning the series is able to end it before it comes to that.

By combining the two situations, teams that are at home and trying to close out the series are 7-1.  Once again, because we are specifically looking at Game 6’s, the sample size isn’t significant but is still interesting to look at.  If you would like to develop your own MLB betting systems, you can do so today with a free account from Bet Labs Sports.

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