Most modern stadiums are constructed to limit the effect wind can have. However, Wrigley Field was opened in 1914 and its game-altering winds are part of its charm.

At Wrigley, the average total for all games since 2005 is 8.50 runs and the average runs scored are 8.93. This is in line with the averages throughout the majors but lookout if the wind starts blowing.

Wind Blowing In – Wrigley since 2005

WindGamesAverage TotalAverage Runs Scored
0-5 MPH447.848.16
6-10 MPH887.987.59
11-15 MPH397.737.33
16+ MPH97.118.56

Wind Blowing Out – Wrigley since 2005

WindGamesAverage TotalAverage Runs Scored
0-5 MPH168.758.88
6-10 MPH199.1311.74
11-15 MPH209.910.8
16+ MPH611.1712.0

The difference between the wind blowing in and blowing out in Chicago is about three runs per game! Winds are the strongest in the spring and winter, which limits the number of games that are impacted but take notice when the winds are howling in Wrigley.

When the wind is blowing out the over has hit at 62.1% but when the wind is blowing in the over has only won at 43.8%.

Wrigley Field Unders

This Pro System is 147-82 (64%), +57.3 units since 2005

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