MLB win totals are a fun way to bet on baseball. We highlighted a few teams worth betting to go “Over” or “Under” their respective win totals before spring training began. If you placed a bet back in February when will your MLB win total bet cash?

To find out we pulled each team’s win total going back to 2004 using SportsOddsHistory and looked at how long it took before the bet was settled. On average a team needed to play 149.7 games before the over/under was determined. That means a bet placed in the spring wouldn’t be cashed (assuming you win) until mid-September.

Overs take slightly longer than average to be settled (150.0 games) while Unders are determined about a game sooner (149.1 games)

By win total range

  • 90 or more wins: 151.8 games
  • 80 to 89.5 wins: 149.3 games
  • 70 to 79.5 wins: 149.3 games
  • 69.5 or less games: 149.4 games

Really good teams, those with win totals of 90 games or greater take the longest to be determined. The Cubs, Dodgers, Indians, Nationals and Red Sox all have win totals of 90 or more games.


  • When the Under is the betting favorite it takes on average 151.0 games
  • When the Over is the betting favorite it takes on average 149.4 games
  • When there is no betting favorite it takes on average 148.6 games

Fun Facts

17 times (out of 390) it took all 162 games for the win total to be determined

  • 3 times the total ended up being a push (no winners!)

The fastest win total to be settled was Arizona in 2004. The Diamondbacks had a season win total of 82.5. The Over was -120 favorite and the bet was settled after the 116th game of the season. Arizona went 51-111 that year easily going Under.

When the OVER is even money or better it has gone just 17-30

  • Red Sox Over 92.5 +105, Cubs Over 96.5 +110, Reds Over 70.5 +115, Indians Over 93.5 +110, Rockies over 80.5 +100, Tigers over 83.5 +130, Dodgers Over 94.5 +115, Yankees Over 83.5 +100, Padres Over 66.5 +105, Rangers Over 85.5 +115

When the UNDER is -135 or greater it has gone 14-5

  • Reds Under 70.5 -135, Tigers Under 83.5 -150, Dodgers Under 94.5 -135, Rangers Under 85.5 -135

MLB win totals can be a lot of fun but just know it’ll be a while before you can cash your ticket.

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