We are not even 48 hours removed from LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the first championship in franchise history but the question is being asked.

Where will King James play next season?

The three-time champion could become a free agent this offseason is he chooses. LeBron signed a two-year contract last summer with an opt-out clause after the first season. Why would he leave? To pursue his next challenge, to team up with his buddies some place warm or simply because he no longer has to stay.

LeBron promised a championship when he returned home and he delivered.

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What do you think the four-time MVP will do? Feel confident enough to place a wager? The fine folks at Bovada.lv are offering such a prop bet. Here are five teams with odds to have LeBron starting Game 1 next season.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs are big favorites with implied odds after accounting for juice (or vig) that suggests there is greater than a 60 percent chance Cleveland retains LeBron’s services. No one wants to see another The Decision and the temptation to win back-to-back championships would be strong.

Miami Heat

Warm weather, Dwyane Wade, there is a lot to like about South Beach. Of course LeBron revealed his secret motivation came from a doubter in Miami (likely Pat Riley) so a reunion with the Heat seems unlikely.

Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe is gone and L.A. is in need of a savior. The Lakers have a lot of young assets, the biggest salary cap to play with in the offseason and the second overall pick in the draft.

Los Angeles Clippers/New York Knicks

The case for the Clips and Knicks is the same: bright lights, big cities and a chance to play with his buddies. James has expressed a desire to team-up with his friends (Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony) before his career is over. Going to L.A. or New York would jump-start that process.

LeBron has options, he can either look for new challenges or try to repeat with the Cavs, the odds suggest he stays in Believeland.

TeamOddsImplied Odds
Cleveland Cavaliers1/463.7%
Miami Heat5/113.3%
Los Angeles Lakers6/111.4%
Los Angeles Clippers11/16.6%
New York Knicks15/15.0%