The Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins failed to agree on a long-term deal this offseason. It is almost a lock that the quarterback will leave the Redskins in the offseason. Where will Kirk Cousins play in 2018?

The oddsmakers like San Francisco (+175) to land the would be free agent. The 49ers need a franchise quarterback and Cousins has a history with new coach Kyle Shanahan.

Of course, the Redskins (+300) could retain Cousins services. Washington has the ability to franchise him once again but he is already the first QB in NFL history to play under the tag in back-to-back seasons. If he were to be franchised once more it would cost the Redskins $34.7 million.

Cleveland (+500) appears to be moving toward competency but no team is a true contender without quarterback. The Browns have a big hole at the position, Brock Osweiler started their preseason game, and Cousins (top 10 QB by DVOA the last two years) would accelerate the teams rebuild.

Most of the franchises with odds to land Cousins were bad last year with the exception of the Steelers (+1400). Pittsburgh won the AFC North and reached the conference championship game but Ben Roethlisberger is not committed to playing past 2017. This would be an interesting decision for Cousins. The Steelers wouldn’t be able to offer him the most money but the team is among the favorites to win the Super Bowl. What is more important, winning or getting paid?

Surprisingly, there are no odds for the field. Change happens fast in the NFL, these teams are the favorites to land Cousins but it wouldn’t be shocking if he played somewhere else in 2018.

Where will Kirk Cousins play in 2018?

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