It’s week 15 and at this point you can’t just look at this week, you have to plan for the remaining weeks as well (actually you should have been doing this already).  So take a look at the grid and analysis below and map out your best path to take down your survivor pool.  Here are the games for Week 15:

There are fifteen teams that project to have at least one game as an option over the next three weeks.  Some of that could change especially if there are teams that have nothing to play for in Week 17.  Here are the options for this week in order of most likely to get a win according to the model.

Saints  Model: 87.2%  Pinnacle 89.1%  Yahoo 17.5%  Games Remaining: 1 (69.2%)

The Saints are the best team in the NFC according to our power ratings and get to face Bryce Petty and the Jets at home this week.  New Orleans is a 16-point favorite at time of publication.  Given that they aren’t that popular of a choice, if you have the Saints as an option this week, you might as well fire that bullet.

Jaguars  Model 84.0%  Pinnacle: 82.7%  Yahoo: 7.9%  Games Remaining: 2 (74.9%, 68.6%)

If you haven’t jumped on the Jaguars bandwagon that we’ve been driving all year, there’s still time.  This is the Jaguars final home game and their most likely win remaining.

Ravens  Model 81.6%  Pinnacle 73.2%  Yahoo: 54.0%  Games Remaining: 2 (87.0%, 75.2%)

The Ravens are the most popular option and if you have been following along all season, you know that’s a bad thing.  Everyone loves fading the Browns any chance they can but the Ravens are actually in a better spot next week at home against the Colts.  With a majority of survivors on Baltimore this week, I think saving them for next week is a good play assuming you have another viable option this week.

Vikings  Model: 79.4%  Pinnacle: 82.0%  Yahoo: 24.0%  Games Remaining: 1 (77.4%)

Minnesota is the second most popular option this week but that wouldn’t prevent me from taking them this week.  This is their best projected option remaining so don’t be afraid to use them if you have them.

Eagles  Model: 73.2%  Pinnacle: 74.1%  Yahoo: 4.7%  Games Remaining: 1 (70.8%)

Philadelphia has a big question mark at quarterback as they turn the reins over to Nick Foles but they are still more than touchdown favorites at the Giants.  The market agrees and although it may seem risky, you can still use the Eagles if you have them.

Redskins  Model: 66.9%  Pinnacle: 66.3%  Yahoo: 2.4%  Games Remaining: 1 (67.0%)

We’re getting into the dicey part of the grid, but this late in the season you may be down in this area.  The Redskins are at home going against Blaine Gabbert, so you could be in a worse spot.

Lions  Model 66.1%  Pinnacle: 68.0%  Yahoo: 4.0%  Games Remaining: 0

Detroit is currently a 5.5-point favorite against the rival Bears on Saturday (that’s right, don’t wait until Sunday).  The Lions have no projected games remaining so if you have used a majority of the best teams in the league, then you may want to go ahead and play Detroit and use some of your remaining options in the next two weeks.


(1) Saints
(2) Jaguars
(3) Vikings
(4) Eagles
(5) Ravens
(6) Lions
(7) Redskins

If you’ve exhausted all of these options, the Falcons and Bills could also be in play.  If you really have a gut feeling in the 49ers/Titans game, that would be a game where you likely have both teams available.  If you want to discuss your Survivor Pool options hit me up on twitter @BetLabsTravis.