We are days away from the kickoff of the NFL championship game. What is on the public’s mind leading up to Super Sunday? To find out we ran a text analysis of user tweets from Twitter. To accomplish this feat we used R and code from Variance Explained.

To start with we search for all tweets with the words “Super Bowl” included, we grabbed only the first from each user and ignored retweets. By doing this there were 1,235 unique tweets in our dataset (note: the max we could pull back was 3,200 tweets).

What users are saying

After removing “stopwords” – common/uninteresting words (a, and, also, the, etc) – there were 9,788 words in our tweet dataset. The most common are “win”, “prediction” and “picking”. Naturally, people want to know if the Patriots or Falcons are going to win the Super Bowl.

The hashtag “falconswin” was used more than “patriotswin” and there were more pro Atlanta words (5) than New England (2). It appears the public is cheering for the underdogs.

Yet, in the betting markets the Pats are getting 66% of the spread bets and 63% of the spread dollars to cover as 3-point favorites.

Who will be right, the general public or the gamblers?

Most common words in Super Bowl tweets