The Chicago Cubs (43-45) will begin the second half on the road against the Baltimore Orioles (42-46). Both clubs are in need of a fast start after the All-Star break if they are to contend for their respective divisions down the stretch.

When baseball resumes Friday, where is the value in the Orioles vs. Cubs game?

The forecast is calling for strong gusts. Wind blowing out can turn a fly ball into a home run or wind blowing in can knock a dinger into an out. On Friday, the wind will be blowing in. The value is on the UNDER in the game.


Wind Blowing In

This Pro System has gone 737-587 (56%) on the UNDER, +100.2 units since 2005.

Our Pick

There were over 1,000 home runs hit in May and June, the first time that has happen in major-league history. Teams are hitting home runs and seemingly scoring at will this season. Blindly betting the OVER has been profitable this year. Yet, our UNDER Pro Systems have won 56.2% of the time, +20.2 units. Friday, be sure to bet the UNDER in the Orioles vs. Cubs game.

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