Cleveland is 14-3 when Josh Tomlin pitches.


Fact: Tomlin has been the second most profitable pitcher to bet in baseball this season.

¬¬Trend of the Week: Back Winning Pitchers


Cleveland rolls into Baltimore with a comfortable 7 game lead in the AL Central. The Orioles have struggled as of late and lost control of the AL East to Boston. Injuries and illness have limited the Orioles offense and should continue to do so through this series. It only gets worse for Baltimore as the Indians lead the American League in ERA and are second in strikeouts. Josh Tomlin is part of the best pitching staff in the AL.


Trend of the Week: Back Winning Pitchers

This season a $100 bettor who backed the Indians when Tomlin started would be up $1,108.

Current System Picks

Saturday, Tomlin takes the mound against Baltimore who is starting Kevin Gausman (1-7, 4.05 ERA). The play is on the Tribe.

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