The NFL is expected to change the length of overtime from 15 minutes to 10 minutes in the name of player safety.

If the owners ratify the change, more ties are coming to the NFL.

In the last five NFL seasons there have been 5 ties including two games last year (Bengals vs. Redskins and Seahawks vs. Cardinals). No one likes a tie game, it’s just like kissing your sister. Gross!

If overtime had been just ten minutes long in each of the last five years the number of ties would increase from 5 to 18 games.

Limiting the wear and tear on players is a good thing. However, as Herm Edwards said, “You play to win the game.” If we get three times as many ties going forward the NFL might be forced to adjust the overtime rules once again.

These Games would have tied with 10 minute Overtimes

DateGameWinnerTime of Winning Score
12/24/16Dolphins vs. BillsDolphins0:47
10/30/16Raiders vs. BuccaneersRaiders1:45
1/3/1649ers vs. Rams49ers3:27
10/18/15Broncos vs. BrownsBroncos4:56
10/18/15Lions vs. BearsLions2:29
10/11/15Seahawks vs. BengalsBengals3:36
10/4/15Colts vs. JaguarsColts4:36
12/1/13Bears vs. VikingsVikings1:43
11/24/13Patriots vs. BroncosPatriots1:56
9/29/13Texans vs. SeahawksSeahawks3:19
12/2/12Rams vs. 49ersRams0:26
11/25/12Ravens vs. ChargersRavens1:07
11/22/12Lions vs. TexansTexans2:21