Is Mitch Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson a franchise quarterback? The Bears, Chiefs and Texans hope so but we won’t know for years. What we do know is that each franchise traded significant assets to move up in the draft. Which team gave up the most to draft their quarterback of the future?

To answer that question we will estimate the expected return of picks traded using Chase Stuart’s draft value chart. Note: 2017 picks are shown with round and overall selection, so the 67th pick would be 3-67. Also, future picks are treated as mid-round selections.

Mitch Trubisky

Bears trade: 1-3, 3-67, 4-111, 2018 3rd Round

49ers trade: 1-2

Chicago traded the third overall pick, a 3rd Round, 4th Round and 2018 3rd Rounder to move up one spot and draft Mitch Trubisky. If the Bears had just given San Francisco the third pick and their 3rd Round pick from this year it would have been a pretty even trade. However, the haul the Niners got is equivalent to 154 cents on the dollar for this trade. New GM John Lynch won this deal going away.

Patrick Mahomes

Chiefs trade: 1-27, 3-91, 2018 1st Round

Bills trade: 1-10

The Chiefs moved up 17 spots to take the Texas Tech gunslinger. Had KC just swapped first round picks and traded their 2017 3rd Round selection to Buffalo they would have won this trade. However, the future 1st Round pick the Chiefs gave up is huge. The Bills improved their draft capital by 82.9% (or got 182.9 cents on the dollars).

Deshaun Watson

Texans trade: 1-25, 2018 1st Round

Browns trade: 1-12

The Texans need a quarterback. Houston hopes to have found the answer in Deshaun Watson but it cost them a pretty penny. The Browns flipped one 1st Round pick for two. Cleveland got 164.9 cents on the dollar for moving back in the draft.

After three trades on the first day the Bears, Chiefs and Texans each got a quarterback. History says that teams aren’t great at trading up and consistently finding starters, let alone franchise quarterbacks. However, Chicago might have given up the most picks but they spent the least amount of draft capital to try and find their future quarterback.

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