Think Tank

Using Money Percentages and Line Movement in NCAA

by Travis Reed • February 23, 2017

Last season, we added the ability to analyze money percentages in Bet Labs.  Users have always been able to use the percentage of tickets within their systems, but this new feature allowed us to take a deeper look at how the percentage of dollars bet affects things. I’m going to break down a system I […]

Reviewing NFL Pro Systems

by Travis Reed • September 15, 2016

After the first week in the NFL, we reviewed the box scores, the fantasy points, and we even reviewed the playoff odds for each team. One thing that we haven’t reviewed yet is how the PRO systems in the Bet Labs Think Tank performed.  The Think Tank gives Bet Labs users the opportunity to browse […]

New MLB Systems in the Think Tank

by Travis Reed • May 27, 2016

We are excited to announce the addition of twelve new PRO MLB systems to the Think Tank. We are always looking to improve the options that Bet Labs users have and we expect some great results forthcoming.  We realize that creating systems isn’t for everyone so this gives you an opportunity to make picks based […]

My Favorite College Basketball Systems

by Travis Reed • January 14, 2016

The college football season is over.  The number of NFL games remaining is down to seven.  But the college basketball season is just heating up.  While football will continue to dominate in regards to gambling popularity, with Bet Labs you are able to follow all sports continuously throughout the year. Now is the perfect time of […]

My Favorite College Bowl Systems

by Travis Reed • December 14, 2015

It’s officially bowl season and this is one of my favorite times of year to use the Bet Labs software.  With so few games on the board, each game gets much more betting attention than it would during a normal college football week.  Below, I’ll list three of my favorite Bet Labs systems that are […]

NBA Systems – Think Tank Review

by Travis Reed • November 2, 2015

With the season underway, I wanted to feature some of my favorite pro NBA systems available in the Think Tank.  All of these systems are available to current Bet Labs members and you can copy, edit, and follow these systems with just a few clicks. Visitor Recent Dogs – Losing Streaks I really like this […]