Power Ratings

Week 17 Power Rankings: There is a new team on top

by Travis Reed • December 27, 2017

Only one week remains in the 2017 regular season. We have seen a ton of surprise teams this year and lots of injuries that have derailed playoff hopes. How do all 32 NFL teams stack up heading in to Week 17? Let’s take a look at the rankings. (1) Los Angeles Rams For the first […]

Week 16 Power Rankings – The Jaguars are the Best Team in the NFL

by Travis Reed • December 19, 2017

Wow, well just take a look at that scorching hot take in the headline.  Ok, now that you’ve processed that information, let me tell you that I generally hate hot takes.  Just saying something contrarian to get page views is something I despise actually.  I’m not just thinking of ways to rank teams to rile […]

Week 14 Power Rankings – Chargers Climb into Top 10

by Travis Reed • December 6, 2017

Every team in the league has played 75% and we now have a pretty good idea about the strengths and weaknesses of each one.  Or do we?  The NFL has a way of reminding us that just when you think you have everything figured out, the unexpected happens and turns our preconceived notions into mush.  […]

Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

by Travis Reed • November 21, 2017

This week I’m taking a page out of Ozzy Osbourne’s book; no more tiers!  In the earlier parts of the season, teams are bunched up and there isn’t a whole lot of difference among them, especially within tiers.  That is no longer the case as teams start to have some space between them this week. […]

Week 10 Power Rankings Show Jaguars and Rams Are Contenders

by Travis Reed • November 7, 2017

Nine weeks down, eight weeks to go.  We are starting to see some separation in the NFL within tiers as we gain more and more information with each and every week.  This is the week that we’ve seen the most movement as teams that were on the fringe in some tiers made jumps with impressive […]

Week 9 NFL Power Ratings: Why Eagles Still Lag Behind Seahawks

by Travis Reed • October 31, 2017

Eight weeks down, nine weeks to go.  The playoff picture is starting to clear up, but there are still many teams in flux.  If you’ve been following the power ratings for a few weeks you may notice that there isn’t a ton of movement in the rankings from week to week.  That’s because the numbers […]

Week 8 NFL Power Ratings

by Travis Reed • October 24, 2017

Seven weeks down, ten weeks to go.  While we are starting to get a good feel for how good teams are this year, it’s still not a large enough sample to be conclusive.  We’ve also continued to see injuries affect the landscape of the league week after week with more and more quarterbacks being injured.  […]

Week 7 NFL Power Ratings

by Travis Reed • October 17, 2017

Six weeks in the books, and the entire landscape of the league changed with one injury.  Sorry Jameis, but I’m of course referring to the broken collarbone suffered by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  For the time being, this moves Green Bay from Superbowl contenders, to playoff longshots.  We’ll see if Brett Hundley can change that […]

Week 6 NFL Power Ratings

by Travis Reed • October 10, 2017

We’re roughly 30% of the way through the 2017 NFL season.  While we think we have a good idea of how good and bad teams are, our eyes often lie to us.  The Chiefs are 5-0, but are they the best team in the league?  Is Jared Goff a good quarterback with Jeff Fisher gone?  […]