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NFL Preseason Betting Strategies Don’t Work in Week 3

by John Ewing • August 23, 2017

The third NFL Preseason game is the closest we come to meaningful football until kickoff of the regular season. Most teams will play their starters the entire first half and even the third quarter. This is great for fans but bad for bettors. NFL Preseason betting strategies don’t work in Week 3. 1st Half Favorites […]

Which coaches are the best bet in the NFL Preseason?

by John Ewing • August 7, 2017

Which coaches are the best bet in the NFL preseason? It often depends on how a coach views these exhibition games. Some want to win in order to establish a winning culture. Others see preseason games as an extension of practice and another opportunity to evaluate talent. Here are the most and least profitable against-the-spread […]

Bad ATS teams bounce back in the NFL

by John Ewing • August 3, 2017

Even the most faithful fans of the Rams, 49ers and Browns aren’t expecting much this season. Combined the three teams won seven games in 2016. They were equally dreadful against-the-spread but that doesn’t mean bettors should fade them this fall. Bad ATS teams bounce back in the NFL. The Rams, 49ers and Browns were a […]

2017 NFL Divisional Odds

by John Ewing • May 5, 2017

The best way to make the playoffs is to win your division. On Thursday CG Technology released their 2017 NFL Divisional odds. Who are the oddsmakers picks to win each division? AFC East  The Patriots have won eight straight AFC East titles and 13 of the last 14. New England is the biggest favorite to […]

New Season, New Filters

by John Ewing • August 10, 2016

Football season is upon us. Players and coaches are immersed in training camp practicing drills and formations that will make them better. To keep pace, as we do every season, we have developed new filters to make the Bet Labs database even stronger. There are 14 new filters! All of them are located under the […]

Top Performing NFL Systems

Top Performing NFL Systems

by John Ewing • August 8, 2016

There are 31 days, 6 hours, 58 minutes and 27 seconds (depending on when you read this) left until kickoff of the first NFL game of the season. That means it is time to review the most profitable NFL betting systems. Here is three of the top performing Pro Systems, plus a current pick for […]

NFL Profitable Preseason Teams

by John Ewing • August 8, 2016

Paint, used on the logo at midfield and in the end zone, caused the cancellation of Sunday night’s Hall of Fame Game between the Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately, the rock-hard field means we have to wait four more days to watch preseason football. The extra time will give us a chance to […]