Betting Against the Public

Trend of the Week: Kansas State vs. TCU

by John Ewing • March 1, 2017

Context TCU (17-12, 6-10 Big 12) will host Kansas State (17-12, 6-10 Big 12) in a bubble elimination game tonight. Both teams are on the fringe of the NCAA tournament conversation. The Horned Frogs have lost five straight, while the Wildcats have dropped eight of their last ten. Both teams are desperate for a win […]

2016 NHL Betting Against the Public

by John Ewing • November 15, 2016

Chris Rock once joked, “Oprah is rich; Bill Gates is wealthy. If Bill Gates woke up tomorrow with Oprah’s money, he’d jump out of a window…” For all the talk about low rating, the NFL is still the most popular sport in America. If the NFL woke up with the National Hockey League’s television ratings, […]

Does Betting Against the Public Still Work?

by Travis Reed • May 25, 2016

A common philosophy in sports betting is to find out what a majority of bettors are doing and then do the opposite.  The idea being that the “house” is going to need the side with the minority of bets to come through in order to make money.  But does it actually work?  Like most good […]

When to Bet Against the Public

by Travis Reed • March 1, 2016

For today’s analysis, I’m going to be looking at the best times to bet against the public in college basketball.  Betting against the public is a simple method of monitoring real betting data and see which games are seeing the most lopsided action.  Then you go against the majority of bettors and bet on the […]