You can’t talk about the Super Bowl without mentioning prop bets. One of the most wagered on props is the coin toss. What can history tell us about these Super Bowl coin toss prop bets?

Coin Toss is Heads/Tails (

  • Heads -102
  • Tails -102

When flipping a fair coin the chance of it landing on “heads” or “tails” should be a 50/50 proposition. Sure enough, in the 50 Super Bowls heads has come up 24 times and tails 26 times.

Team to win Coin Toss

  • Patriots -110
  • Falcons -110

As the designated visiting team, the Patriots will call the coin toss. In New England’s previous eight Super Bowl appearances, the Pats won the coin toss twice. The Falcons won the toss in their only title game appearance.

Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game?

  • Yes -110
  • No -110

The team that has won the coin toss has gone on to win the game 24 times, while losing 26 times. As expected, the coin toss has little impact on the outcome of the game. However, superstitious Patriots fans will probably cheer for the team to lose the coin flip. New England has won the toss twice in the Super Bowl and lost both times.

One final note, the team that has won the coin toss has gone on to cover the spread 24 out 50 times.

If you are going to bet these props, no judging, the most important thing to do is shop around for the best line. The juice varies from book to book.

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Super BowlMatchupCoin TossCoin Toss WinnerWin Toss/Win Game?
LCarolina vs. DenverTailsPanthersNo
XLIXSeattle vs. New EnglandTailsSeahawksNo
XLVIIISeattle vs. DenverTailsSeahawksYes
XLVIISan Francisco vs. BaltimoreHeadsRavensYes
XLVIN.Y. Giants vs. New EnglandHeadsPatriotsNo
XLVGreen Bay vs. PittsburghHeadsPackersYes
XLIVNew Orleans vs. IndianapolisHeadsSaintsYes
XLIIIPittsburgh vs. ArizonaHeadsCardinalsNo
XLIIN.Y. Giants vs. New EnglandTailsGiantsYes
XLIIndianapolis vs. ChicagoHeadsBearsNo
XLPittsburgh vs. SeattleTailsSeahawksNo
XXXIXNew England vs. PhiladelphiaTailsEaglesNo
XXXVIIINew England vs. CarolinaTailsPanthersNo
XXXVIITampa Bay vs. OaklandTailsBuccaneersYes
XXXVINew England vs. St. LouisHeadsRamsNo
XXXVBaltimore vs. N.Y. GiantsTailsGiantsNo
XXXIVSt. Louis vs. TennesseeTailsRamsYes
XXXIIIDenver vs. AtlantaTailsFalconsNo
XXXIIDenver vs. Green BayTailsPackersNo
XXXIGreen Bay vs. New EnglandHeadsPatriotsNo
XXXDallas vs. PittsburghTailsCowboysYes
XXIXSan Francisco vs. San DiegoHeads49ersYes
XXVIIIDallas vs. BuffaloTailsCowboysYes
XXVIIDallas vs. BuffaloHeadsBillsNo
XXVIWashington vs. BuffaloHeadsRedskinsYes
XXVN.Y. Giants vs. BuffaloHeadsBillsNo
XXIVSan Francisco vs. DenverHeadsBroncosNo
XXIIISan Francisco vs. CincinnatiTails49ersYes
XXIIWashington vs. DenverHeadsRedskinsYes
XXIN.Y. Giants vs. DenverTailsBroncosNo
XXChicago vs. New EnglandTailsBearsYes
XIXSan Francisco vs. MiamiTails49ersYes
XVIIIL.A. Raiders vs. WashingtonHeadsRaidersYes
XVIIWashington vs. MiamiTailsDolphinsNo
XVISan Francisco vs. CincinnatiTails49ersYes
XVOakland vs. PhiladelphiaTailsEaglesNo
XIVPittsburgh vs. L.A. RamsHeadsRamsNo
XIIIPittsburgh vs. DallasHeadsCowboysNo
XIIDallas vs. DenverHeadsCowboysYes
XIOakland vs. MinnesotaTailsRaidersYes
XPittsburgh vs. DallasHeadsCowboysNo
IXPittsburgh vs. MinnesotaTailsSteelersYes
VIIIMiami vs. MinnesotaHeadsDolphinsYes
VIIMiami vs. WashingtonHeadsDolphinsYes
VIDallas vs. MiamiHeadsDolphinsNo
VBaltimore vs. DallasTailsCowboysNo
IVKansas City vs. MinnesotaTailsVikingsNo
IIIN.Y. Jets vs. BaltimoreHeadsJetsYes
IIGreen Bay vs. OaklandTailsRaidersNo
IGreen Bay vs. Kansas CityHeadsPackersYes