You may now enter The Upside Down. If you are a fan of the nostalgia-driven thriller, you’ve likely started to binge watch Stranger Things 2. The series focuses on a group of kids in the 1980s Indiana trying to solve a mystery involving a girl with super powers, secret government agencies and a monster from another dimension.

This isn’t a promotion for the Netflix series, though I love it. The spooky show ties into sports betting (kind of). As the title would suggest, strange things happen in the small Midwest town of Hawkins, Indiana. Even stranger things occurred when the show was originally released.

The first season was released on July 15, 2016. Nothing is stranger in the betting world than when the public wins. We often preach betting against the public as a profitable strategy. Many of our Pro Systems are built on this simple philosophy.

Yet, on that fateful Friday last summer, casual bettors did very well for themselves. Here is how each team getting 50% or more of bets performed.


Teams getting 50% or more of spread or moneyline tickets (depending on the sport) went 16-6, +7.6 units.

If you believe in supernatural events, perhaps the release of Stranger Things 2 will turn squares into sharps, just like it did last year. More likely it was a random occurrence but this close to Halloween, anything is possible.

Here are the teams the public is backing tonight.

MLB: Game 3 World Series

  • 55% of ML bets on Yankees

NBA (spread bets)

  • 79% on Thunder
  • 78% on Spurs
  • 72% on Rockets
  • 65% on Raptors
  • 61% on Nets
  • 61% on Nuggets
  • 52% on Wizards

College Football and CFL (spread bets)

  • 79% on Hamilton
  • 71% on Montreal
  • 82% on SMU
  • 79% on Memphis
  • 56% on Florida State

NHL (ML bets)

  • 87% St. Louis
  • 84% Columbus
  • 68% Chicago
  • 63% Vegas
  • 62% New Jersey
  • 54% Calgary