God no longer hates Cleveland. The Cavaliers’ Game 7 victory in the NBA Finals gave Cleveland its first title in major professional sports since 1964. The 52-year drought had been the longest between titles in professional sports.

Now that LeBron has brought a championship to Cleveland, what fan bases are in the mist of the longest title droughts in the four major sports? We are considering only U.S. cities with at least three teams from the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL.

Minneapolis-St. Paul

It has been 25 years since the Twin Cities have celebrated a title. The last championship was the Twins in 1991. Even more cruel, none of the professional teams have even played for a championship during that drought. The Vikings have been the closest playing in three NFC title games. The last was with Brett Favre (throwing picks) in 2009 when Minnesota lost to New Orleans in overtime.

Washington, D.C.

Chocolate City has also been waiting 25 years for a championship. The Redskins, ranked by Football Outsiders as the best team in the Super Bowl era, brought home the title in 1991 but it has been a minute since the Capital City had anything to get excited about. The last championship appearance was by the Capitals in 1998 when they lost the Stanley Cup to the Red Wings.


It has been dark days for Atlanta since the turn of the century. The Braves were one of the best baseball teams of the 90s winning the cities most recent championship all the way back in 1995. The Dirty Birds went to the Super Bowl in 1998 and the Braves to the World Series in 1999 but those have been the closest calls. It has been 21 years and counting for the ATL.

Here are the rest of the saddest sports towns in American with at least three professional sports teams. More than half have won a title in the last five years. Regardless, no one will ever feel bad for New York, Boston or Los Angeles given their long championship history.

CityTitle Drought
Minneapolis–Saint Paul25
Washington, D.C.25
Tampa Bay Area12
Dallas-Fort Worth5
New York City5
Los Angeles2
San Francisco Bay Area1