After the first week in the NFL, we reviewed the box scores, the fantasy points, and we even reviewed the playoff odds for each team. One thing that we haven’t reviewed yet is how the PRO systems in the Bet Labs Think Tank performed.  The Think Tank gives Bet Labs users the opportunity to browse systems rather than creating their own.  Any user can share a system to the Community but we also created our favorites that we call our PRO systems.

Here’s a look at how the PRO systems performed in NFL Week 1:


Combined, they went 7-2 ATS for a very healthy start to the NFL season. By clicking on a system, you can view more information including the past picks for each system.  Here are the past picks of the first system above:



Now many of our systems did not trigger any plays in Week 1 because they deal with previous games.  For example, NFL teams coming off blowouts usually outperform their expected ATS results the next week.  We expect more plays as the season progresses and will continue to monitor their performance.

One game to keep an eye on that fits this system for Week 2 is the Dolphins at the Patriots.  The Dolphins were able to keep it close in Week 1 against the Seahawks and history suggests they will be able to do it again in New England.

If you would like to follow these systems (or create your own!) you can with a 6-day trial to Bet Labs.  If you have any questions for the team at, hit us up on twitter at @Bet_Labs anytime.