John Hirschbeck, Tim Welke and Bob Davidson are three longtime MLB umpires that retired after last season. Why do you care? They were three of the most profitable home and away officials in our database. With the turnover, who are the most profitable MLB umpires?

The tables below show the five most profitable active umpires in our database since 2005 for home and road teams as well as for overs and unders.

Home Umpires

Barksdale’s claim to fame is that he was the first ump to have a home run call overturned via instant replay. If home teams continue to cash at this rate he might become known for being such a big homer.

Road Umpires

Per, Tom Hallion’s hobbies include golf and tennis. What it doesn’t mention is how darn profitable it is to bet road teams when Hallion is behind home plate.

Over Umpires

Jerry Meals is the first ump to make it on two lists. He is the fourth most profitable road ump and second most profitable over official. Look out for Gabe Morales, he just got promoted as a full time umpire this season and has already cracked the top five despite officiating in a fraction of the games.

Under Umpires

Fun facts about Ron Kulpa, he was once head butted by Carl Everett, he incorrectly called Matt Holliday safe at first during Game 3 of the 2011 World Series and the under hits at 57.4% when he calls balls and strikes.

2017 MLB Season

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