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Archived articles

2015 MLB All-Star Rosters

by Travis Reed • June 24, 2015

The fan voting for the 2015 MLB All-Star game is garnering a lot of attention as the American League team is jam-packed full of Kansas City Royals. While having fans vote for a game that determines home-field advantage in the World Series is asinine, I wanted to look at who should be on the team […]

MLB Home Field Advantage

by Travis Reed • May 18, 2015

Each sport has it’s own home field advantage.  But not all games within a sport are created equal.  Below is a table that shows how home teams have fared for all MLB games since 2005. While some will argue that familiarity or being comfortable are keys to home field advantage, the main reason is the fact […]

Are MLB Umpires Predictive for Over/Unders?

by Travis Reed • May 15, 2015

The effect of umpires seems to be a contentious subject between baseball bettors and fantasy players alike.  Some believe it is vital while others believe it’s not worth considering.  The correct response is likely somewhere in the middle but let’s take a look at data before we let our assumptions get in the way. For this post, […]

What Makes a Good Betting System?

by Travis Reed • May 14, 2015

Bet Labs can be an invaluable tool in creating historically profitable betting systems, but we are often peppered with questions regarding how to go about creating a winning system. With hundreds of filters to choose from and thousands of games included in our archived database, there is no shortage of information. But what characteristics should be […]