It will be cold Monday night at Lambeau Field. Not Ice Bowl cold but the average temperature forecasted for the game is 32 degrees, the coldest in 2017.

A theory among recreational bettors is that cold temperatures lead to low scoring games. In the divisional matchup between the Packers and Lions, the total opened 43 and has been bet down to 42.5.

We know strong winds can impact the Over/Under but what effect does cold temperatures have on the total? The table below shows the results for the Over based on average temperature during the game.

All games1837-1814-64 (50.3%)-61.52
<50 degrees407-399-14 (50.5%)-11.24
<40 degrees210-187-5 (52.9%)+13.19
32 degrees or colder109-84-3 (56.5%)+19.41

Cold weather does not limit scoring, in fact Overs heat up in frigid temperatures. It’s a small sample, but the best place to bet the Over when temperatures head south of 32 degrees is in Packers home games.

Turns out, “The Frozen Tundra” of Lambeau Field is all hype. It is profitable to bet the Over in cold temperatures.

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