Before the NFL season began we looked at three stats (Pythagorean wins, record in close games and turnover differential) that can be useful in predicting which teams will improve and decline. Since we are at the midway point in the NFL season it is time to trot those stats back out and see which teams are overrated and underrated.

Pythagorean Wins

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Record in Close Games

Winning games decided by one touchdown or less is totally random and success/failure is unsustainable. Don’t believe me? Look no further than this year’s Baltimore Ravens. Joe Flacco and crew started the season with wins against the Bills (13-7), Browns (25-20) and Jags (19-17). Less than seven points decided each contest. Baltimore promptly lost their next three games by a combined 11 points.

What teams have been the luckiest in one-score games and which are primed for positive regression?

Houston Texans4-0100
New England Patriots2-0100
Cincinnati Bengals1-0-1100
Minnesota Vikings1-0100
Oakland Raiders5-183.3
New York Giants4-180
Dallas Cowboys3-175
Kansas City Chiefs2-166.7
New York Jets2-166.7
Green Bay Packers3-260
Los Angeles Rams3-260
Washington Redskins3-2-160
Atlanta Falcons3-350
Baltimore Ravens3-350
New Orleans Saints3-350
Detroit Lions4-450
Jacksonville Jaguars2-250
Miami Dolphins2-250
Seattle Seahawks2-2-150
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-250
Tennessee Titans2-250
Denver Broncos1-150
Indianapolis Colts2-340
Chicago Bears1-233.3
San Diego Chargers1-420
San Francisco 49ers0-10
Arizona Cardinals0-2-10
Buffalo Bills0-30
Carolina Panthers0-30
Philadelphia Eagles0-30
Cleveland Browns0-40
Pittsburgh Steelers0-0-

Houston is 5-0 at home; four of those wins have come by a touchdown or less. The Texans could go undefeated at NRG Stadium but are unlikely to win every game decided by one score. The Raiders have also been fortunate in tight games. BlackJack Del Rio has made a number of aggressive calls in leading Oakland to 6-2 start; however, the team’s five wins by one score have all come against teams without winning records. This is an indication that the Raiders are more pretenders than contenders.

On the flip side, the Browns can’t buy a win, let alone one decided by one score. The quarterback position continues to be a revolving door and the team has lost four games where they were tied or leading at halftime. Misery loves company and the Chargers woes in tight games continue. San Diego finished last year with a 3-8 record in games decided by one score, they are already 1-4 this season and would be 1-5 if they hadn’t failed on a two-point conversion last Sunday against the Broncos.

Turnover Differential

A team’s turnover differential, like its record in one score games, is inconsistent from season to season (or 1st half to 2nd half). This is especially true of the teams on the extreme ends.

TeamTurnover Differential
Minnesota Vikings11
Kansas City Chiefs9
Buffalo Bills8
Oakland Raiders7
Philadelphia Eagles6
Denver Broncos5
Dallas Cowboys4
Arizona Cardinals3
New England Patriots3
Atlanta Falcons2
Baltimore Ravens2
Cincinnati Bengals2
Detroit Lions2
Seattle Seahawks1
New Orleans Saints0
Indianapolis Colts-1
Pittsburgh Steelers-1
Washington Redskins-1
Chicago Bears-2
Green Bay Packers-2
San Francisco 49ers-2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-2
Los Angeles Rams-3
San Diego Chargers-3
Tennessee Titans-3
Cleveland Browns-4
Miami Dolphins-5
Carolina Panthers-7
Houston Texans-7
NY Giants-7
Jacksonville Jaguars-8
NY Jets-9

Minnesota has been incredibly lucky with turnovers. Through the Vikings first five games, you know, when they were undefeated, the team had just one fumble. That was it, one turnover in 20 quarters of play. Vikings players have fumbled the ball 12 times now and only lost four of them but when the team’s opponents have fumbled guess who ended up with each one? The Purple and Gold are 7-for-7 on forced fumble recoveries. Minnesota is likely due for regression and has already failed to win the turnover battle in their last two games – both losses.

Kansas City and Buffalo are also enjoying success due to the bounce of the ball. The Chiefs are tied for the most takeaways in the NFL (16) while the Bills have seen drives end in turnovers just four times.

Looking for an unlucky team? The Jets are second in the league in giveaways (17). However, half of those came in one game where Ryan Fitzpatrick got confused and threw six interceptions to the Chiefs, plus they fumbled twice in that loss. Jacksonville has also been sorry when it comes to turnovers. The Jags have the fewest takeaways in the league (5). Balls have hit the turf ten times in Jaguars games and Jacksonville has only recovered three of them.

Overrated/Underrated Teams

To recap, Houston and Oakland are regression candidates based on records in one-score games. Look for the Browns and Chargers to have better luck in games decided by seven points or less in the second half of the season. Turnovers are key, Minnesota has been the beneficiary of the bounce of the ball more times than not but that success rate is unlikely to continue while the Jets and Jags are due for some positive fumble luck moving forward.