The 2017-18 NFL season is about to begin. We’ve given you Week 1 betting trends, reviewed the most profitable Pro Systems, explained how to bet each division as well as covered the teams that could go 0-16 and when the Pats will lose. Much of our NFL content is derived from our simulations. Two days before the season begins here is one final update.

Our projections are based on 10,000 simulations of the 2017-18 season using player and team statistics adjusted for Strength of Schedule.

In these simulations, we assume Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended for four games, reduction from original punishment of six games and that Andrew Luck will sit out Week 1. We will adjust when new information is available.

In the table below, Record is the team’s most likely record.

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2017-18 NFL Projections

TeamRecordDivision Winner%Make Playoffs%Win Super Bowl%
New England Patriots13-395.998.232.8
Seattle Seahawks11-577.286.512.5
Pittsburgh Steelers11-562.182.411.4
Green Bay Packers10-664.976.99.4
Dallas Cowboys10-646.462.65.3
Atlanta Falcons9-738.957.64.5
Oakland Raiders9-74460.14.1
Carolina Panthers9-732.752.52.9
Kansas City Chiefs9-729.646.82.2
Baltimore Ravens9-720.347.11.7
Tennessee Titans9-738.851.31.7
New York Giants8-824.541.21.6
Cincinnati Bengals9-717.242.91.3
Minnesota Vikings8-821.137.21.2
Arizona Cardinals9-718.7391.1
Philadelphia Eagles8-817.231.51
Houston Texans8-823.934.90.9
Tampa Bay Buccaneers8-813.125.20.8
New Orleans Saints8-815.529.40.6
Denver Broncos7-913.325.60.6
Indianapolis Colts8-825.737.30.6
Detroit Lions7-91222.90.5
Washington Redskins7-911.922.90.5
Los Angeles Chargers7-913.224.50.4
Jacksonville Jaguars7-911.6190.2
Miami Dolphins7-9213.70.2
Buffalo Bills7-91.912.30.1
Los Angeles Rams6-10307.70.03
Chicago Bears5-1124.40.02
New York Jets4-
San Francisco 49ers5-
Cleveland Browns4-120.51.90