A fundamental philosophy in sports wagering is Betting Against the Public. The strategy is simple, whichever side the public (or squares) are on, take the opposite. An essential factor in Betting Against the Public is focusing on games where there is a lot of public interest (large number of bets) and thus a lot of betting action.

The number of bets placed on a game is an important sports betting indicator. This is especially true in college sports where the number of bets varies from game to game. For example, Oklahoma vs. Texas will receive a disproportional number of bets compared to a matchup between two non-Power 5 football teams.

Tracking the number of bets placed can help highlight games that the public is following.

Bet Labs makes it easy to track highly bet games.

Number of Bets Compared to Daily Average


This filter shows how the current game compares in number of bets to the daily average for that sport. Using this filter can highlight “big” games, especially in college sports.

Highly bet games magnify the impact of contrarian betting.

Here are the results of betting against the public in college football.

Public BettingATS RecordWin Rate
≤ 50%4281-436549.5%
≤ 40%2984-309749.1%
≤ 35%2334-242149.1%
≤ 30%1648-172248.9%
≤ 25%987-105048.5%

As you can see, simply betting against the public in college football is not profitable. However, we can improve the results by focusing on “big” games where the public has moved the line with a high volume of bets.

Using the Number of Bets Compared to Daily Average filter we can target games getting at least 2.5X the daily average.

Public BettingATS RecordWin Rate
≤ 50%213-18054.2%
≤ 40%145-12154.5%
≤ 35%110-9055.0%
≤ 30%69-5953.9%
≤ 25%36-3252.9%

Adjusting for the number of bets on a game makes betting against the public profitable.

The Number of Bets Compared to Daily Average is one of our most popular filters used by members. Give it a shot today by including it in your own system.

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