The NHL playoffs start this week and I dove into the Bet Labs software to see if there were any systems worth following focusing on the opening round.  After setting the round to Conference Quarterfinals, the next filter I looked at was Home / Visitor and found these results:

Simply betting on the visiting team in the first round of the NHL playoffs has had a 5.1% ROI and over 26 units won (the software shows what betting $100 on each game would win or lose for those new to the site.)

The next filter I looked at was the Favorite / Dog filter to see if there was any discrepancy there.  There was:

While both are technically profitable, the 18.1% ROI is way more interesting to me and so we’ll focus on Favorites.  So betting on road favorites in every first round NHL playoff game has won over 20 units.  Now you might be thinking that if these road favorites have been so profitable, that they would be a good puckline bet (-1.5 goals).  Using the same filters for an NHL spread system produced these results:

While still profitable to bet these favorites on the puckline, it’s still not as good as betting them on the moneyline.  There is one additional filter that you can add that increases the ROI even higher.  By looking at a certain moneyline range, we can sacrifice minimal gains while drastically increasing the return on investment.

This system with a nearly 70% win rate is now available in our Pro systems and you can view it by clicking here.  Current members can copy this system and start getting picks for the playoffs starting April 12th.  If you aren’t a member, you can sign up for our new Starter membership for only $49 per month.  This includes NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, and MLB systems which won over 117 units last season.