You’ve made it to Week 7 of your Survivor Pool.  Congrats!  Last week, the popular picks of Buffalo and Tennessee came through as well as my pick of the Arizona Cardinals (I originally had the Titans and then changed when Carson Palmer was upgraded).  A smattering of people took the Steelers on the road last week and that didn’t work out for them which just puts us that much closer to the win.  Here is this week’s survivor grid:


Here is a reminder of the picks I have personally used this year: Chiefs, Panthers, Dolphins, Texans, Packers, and Cardinals.

So while I personally am unable to select the Packers this week, I think that they are the best pick this week and would encourage you to use them if you haven’t already.  Once again the Patriots are a viable option but I still think it’s in my best interest to save them for later.  That leaves me with Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Denver as remaining options that I am considering.  You could also consider the Chiefs, but again I have already used them this season.  Here are the highest pick percentages on ESPN for Week 7:

Bengals 37%

Packers 25%

Falcons 8%

Broncos 4%

Raiders 4%

First of all, I think taking the Raiders is a terrible, terrible choice.  Do not do that.  Secondly, this really paints a picture and makes the pick really easy for this week:

Pick: Denver Broncos (vs Texans)

Not only does the simulation like the Broncos chances more than the Bengals, it also will be a contrarian pick which is ideal in survivor pools.  Also, Denver doesn’t have a lot of upcoming games that you would want to save them for.  Root for the Browns to upset the Bengals on Sunday, then hope the Broncos come through on Monday night.

Upcoming picks that are very likely to change:

Week 8: Vikings (at Bears)

Week 9: Cowboys (at Browns)

Week 10: Ravens (vs Browns)

Week 11: Steelers (at Browns)

Week 12: Seahawks (at Buccaneers)

Week 13: Chargers (vs Buccaneers)

Week 14: Patriots (vs Ravens)

Week 15: Falcons (vs 49ers)

Week 16: Eagles (vs Giants)

Week 17: Bills (at Jets)