“O Cleveland, Cleveland, wherefore art thou Cleveland?”  It’s week 13 in your survivor pool and there are no Browns to fade this week.  I’m no Bill Shakespeare, but that means it could be a tricky week depending on who you have left.  Here is the grid for the rest of the season.


Ok, first the easy part.  If you haven’t used New England, use them this week.  Simple as that, do not second guess your choice.  You can stop reading now.

If you have used the Patriots already, then it gets a little more dicey.  You’ll notice that the Broncos are highlighted at 74.7% which makes them look like a nice backup option.  There are a few problems with that: their starting quarterback is questionable, they are the most popular pick this week, and the betting market currently makes them only a 5-point favorite.  33% of pickers on ESPN are currently taking Denver at Jacksonville and the next highest pick is Oakland at 12% (which I think is an absolutely terrible pick).  If you have been following up to this point, you know how much I hate taking the popular pick.

So that brings us to the next group of teams that are all options: Seattle (-7), Green Bay (-7), Pittsburgh (-6), and New Orleans (-6).  Notice that Seattle looks like a solid play in Week 15 against the Rams at home so you may want to save them.  Although if you still have the Bills or Falcons, you may like them in Week 15 and can go ahead and take Seattle this week.  Similarly, Pittsburgh hosts the Browns in Week 17 in a game they likely won’t be resting in so they could be saved as well.

At this point, your decision is likely already made based on who you have available but here is who I would take in order this week:







Good luck and hope to see you still alive in Week 14.

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