Only three weeks remaining in the season and still hearing that a lot of you are in a battle in your survivor pools.  As I stated in last week’s analysis, it’s important to map out your remaining games, not just take the best game available that week.  Last week, I picked the Falcons as the best option but they are also one of the top options this week as well.  Here is the grid for the remaining three weeks.


Three teams immediately jump out this week: Buffalo, Atlanta, and Seattle.  The next tier according to the model includes Dallas, and there are a bunch of teams that are around the 65% mark.  Let’s compare that to the largest spreads this week:

Seattle -15

Atlanta -14

Buffalo -10

Dallas -7

Green Bay -6.5

Houston -6

Currently 32% of ESPN users are taking Atlanta, followed by 23% taking Buffalo and 12% taking Seattle.  Because they are contrarian and the biggest favorite this week, Seattle would be my pick for survivor pools.  If you wanted to go really contrarian or perhaps you have used the top three options already, I like Houston this week.  I don’t necessarily think Houston is any good but the Jaguars are much worse.

Once again, go ahead and map out your remaining three weeks with the options remaining.  If you have Pittsburgh left, they look like an ideal option for Week 17 at home against the Browns.  However, there’s always a chance that teams have nothing to play for in Week 17 so keep that in mind.

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