It’s pretty late in the season, and I keep questioning whether or not this is still worth doing but you guys keep asking so I’ll continue to do it for the people.  At this point, your options are likely limited, so I’ll try to go through all of the options for you.  Here is the grid for the remaining of the season:


The best options according to the simulation are as follows.  I included the current betting line as well.

Lions (-7.5)

Falcons (-5.5)

Vikings (-3.5)

Colts (-6)

Bengals (-5.5)

Both the simulation and the betting market agree that the Lions are the safest choice this week.  Unfortunately, they are also the most popular according to ESPN’s Eliminator challenge:

Lions 31%

Bengals 11%

Falcons 9%

Broncos 9%

Vikings 7%

Because of their popularity, I wouldn’t make the Lions my pick.  In a vacuum, I would take the Falcons as my pick for this week even though they are on the road.  However, we do have to look ahead and see if that changes our mind.  Next week, there are four decent options according to the simulation; Falcons (vs Rams), Bills (vs Browns), Cowboys (vs Bucs), and Seahawks (vs Rams).

It’s likely that you’ve already used Seattle and Dallas (and the way the Bucs have been playing, that doesn’t seem so safe right now anyway).  You may have already used Buffalo against Jacksonville or San Francisco as well.  In that case, you would want to save Atlanta for next week and go a different route this week such as the Colts.

Here would be my survivor choices in order for this week:

Falcons (at Rams)

Colts (vs Texans)

Lions (vs Bears)

Vikings (at Jaguars)

Bengals (at Browns)

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