It was a rough Wild Card weekend for NFL officials. Criticism came from all directions including Mike Pereira, the league’s former Vice President of Officiating.

Jeff Triplette’s crew did such a poor job overseeing the Chiefs-Titans game that he retired. Let’s hope this weekend’s crews do a better job. Brad Vinovich, Ron Torbert, Brad Allen and Gene Steratore are the crew chiefs for the Divisional Round. Here is what bettors need to know about each official.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that it would be unwise to place a wager based solely on the past results of the referee officiating the game. This is just one more piece of information to make you a more informed gambler. The records below include regular season and playoff games since 2003.

Let’s dive in.

Bill Vinovich: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons (-3)

  • Favorites: 34-32-2 (51.5%, -0.70 units)
  • Home Teams: 29-36-2 (44.6%, -8.42 units)
  • Overs: 30-37-1 (44.8%, -8.39 units)
  • Eagles: 2-3 ATS
  • Falcons: 4-3 ATS

In the regular season, the Over when Vinovich is on the field is 25-36-1 (41.0%) but 5-1 in the playoffs. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. The total for Eagles-Falcons opened 43.5 and has been bet down to 41. In the postseason, when the total decreases the Under is 44-36-3 and the win rate and return on investment improves the more the line goes down.

Line MovementUnderROI
0.5 pt or more44-36-3+6.5%
1 pt or more35-25-2+12.7%
2 pts or more17-10-1+22.5%
2.5 pts or more11-3-1+50.0%

Ron Torbert: New England Patriots (-13.5) vs. Tennessee Titans

  • Favorites: 28-17-1 (62.2%, +9.97 units)
  • Home Teams: 20-24-1 (45.5%, -4.95 units)
  • Overs: 27-19 (58.7%, +6.47 units)
  • Patriots: 2-0 ATS
  • Titans: 1-1 ATS

Jeff Triplette was the most profitable ref for favorites in our database until the Chiefs blew an 18-point halftime lead. Now Ron Torbert wears the crown, or would it be whistle? Favorites are 28-17-1 (62.2%) ATS when Torbert officiates a game. Like the Patriots need any more advantages against the Titans.

Brad Allen: Pittsburgh Steelers (-7) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Favorites: 31-29-1 (51.7%, +1.10 units
  • Home Teams: 34-25-1 (57.6%, +7.02 units)
  • Overs: 26-35 (42.6%, -10.16 units)
  • Steelers: 1-2 ATS
  • Jaguars: 1-1 ATS

Allen is the 3rd most profitable Under official in our database but most of those gains came in 2016 when the Under went 13-3 in games he officiated.

Gene Steratore: Minnesota Vikings (-5) vs. New Orleans Saints

  • Favorites: 69-79-6 (46.6%, -12.81 units)
  • Home Teams: 73-75-5 (49.3%, -5.75 units)
  • Overs: 74-76-4 (49.3%, -5.39 units)
  • Vikings: 5-3 ATS
  • Saints: 4-6 ATS

Last week we discovered that Ed Hochuli loves dogs, underdogs that is. A fellow canine enthusiast is Steratore. Underdogs have a profitable record in the regular season and playoffs when Steratore is in charge.

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Photo Courtesy Mark J. Rebilas – USA TODAY Sports