Paint, used on the logo at midfield and in the end zone, caused the cancellation of Sunday night’s Hall of Fame Game between the Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately, the rock-hard field means we have to wait four more days to watch preseason football. The extra time will give us a chance to review which teams are the best and worst at covering the spread in these meaningless matchups.

Most Profitable

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Seattle has lapped the field winning bettors nearly twice as much money as the next most profitable team. The Seahawks have only one losing preseason record against-the-spread since 2004-05 (went 0-3 in 2010-11). Since the team drafted Russell Wilson (preseason stats: 11 passing touchdowns, 3 interceptions, 4 rushing touchdowns) the Hawks have gone 10-4 ATS (+7.11 units).

Least Profitable

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The Chiefs have gone 13-34 straight-up in preseason games, the second worst record in football. KC went 4-0 last year for the team’s first winning preseason in more than ten years. It is no surprise then that the Chiefs have struggled to turn a profit for gamblers. Kansas City has gone 10-35 against-the-spread since 2004, down 25.27 units.

The Seahawks and Chiefs play each other Saturday in the preseason. Kansas City is a 3 point favorite, 64% of the against-the-spread bets are on Seattle to cover.

There are strategies to betting NFL preseason games; understanding how a team has performed historically is part of making an educated decision. Of course, these are just exhibition games, so tread lightly.

Here are the best and worst teams at covering the spread in the preseason.

TeamATS RecordUnits Won
Seattle Seahawks32-15+14.91
Minnesota Vikings29-20+7.92
San Diego Chargers26-19+5.70
Detroit Lions27-20+4.99
New Orleans Saints28-22+4.73
Baltimore Ravens27-21+4.72
New York Giants25-20+4.11
Cincinnati Bengals26-22+3.33
San Francisco 49ers25-21+3.14
Houston Texans25-21+2.62
New York Jets25-22+2.24
Washington Redskins27-23+2.11
Jacksonville Jaguars25-22+1.76
Tampa Bay Buccaneers24-22+0.90
Denver Broncos25-23+0.81
Cleveland Browns24-23+0.59
Tennessee Titans24-24-1.17
Atlanta Falcons24-24-1.43
Green Bay Packers23-24-1.95
Philadelphia Eagles24-25-2.29
Arizona Cardinals22-24-3.01
Chicago Bears22-24-3.35
Los Angeles Rams22-26-4.21
Pittsburgh Steelers23-27-4.70
Dallas Cowboys23-27-5.11
New England Patriots20-24-5.19
Miami Dolphins21-26-5.80
Carolina Panthers21-26-6.16
Buffalo Bills21-28-7.80
Oakland Raiders19-28-10.35
Indianapolis Colts19-30-11.86
Kansas City Chiefs10-35-25.27

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