We are constantly improving the Bet Labs software and hope to have a bunch of new features available in the upcoming weeks and months.  Today I want to introduce you to two new filters now available for all sports.

Season Margin Average

Season ATS Margin Average

Both of these filters are located in the Statistics section.  The season margin average allows you to look at a team’s average margin of victory for the season.  Essentially, this is a team’s point differential (or run differential) divided by the number of games they have played.  For example, right now the Cowboys are 7-1 on the season.  In those eight games, they have outscored their opponents 223-140 for a point differential of +83.  That means on average, they are outscoring their opponents by 10.4 points per game (83 divided by 8).

Using this new filter in Bet Labs, we can quickly see how these teams have performed on the road, since the Cowboys will be in Pittsburgh on Sunday:


This is an interesting way to analyze teams in all sports to look at teams that have been winning marginally vs. teams that have been winning by blowouts.

The other filter is the exact same except that instead of looking at the team’s game margin, it is looking at the team’s margin against the closing spread at Pinnacle.  So if a team is a 7-point favorite and win by 10, then their ATS margin would be +3.  By looking at high positive numbers, we can analyze teams that have been easily covering the spread and see how they perform going forward.

This is exactly what we did for our latest PRO system in the Think Tank.  Our newest system uses this margin filter and has covered 57% of the time with a sample size over 450 games.  This system is currently available for all Bet Labs members to start following today.

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