There is just a week left in the NBA regular season. This is great news for fans awaiting the start of the playoffs but could make NBA win total bettors nervous. Twelve win totals have yet to be determined. With just a handful of games remaining, will they or won’t they go over their season win total?

Here are the 12 teams that could still go over or under their season win total.

TeamWin TotalCurrent WinsGames Left
Atlanta Hawks43.5395
Boston Celtics51.5505
Brooklyn Nets20.5194
Charlotte Hornets39.5364
Chicago Bulls38.5384
Golden State Warriors66.5644
Los Angeles Lakers24.5225
Memphis Grizzlies43.5424
New Orleans Pelicans36.5334
Oklahoma City Thunder45.5445
Sacramento Kings32.5314
Toronto Raptors49.5474

Based on average projections from and these teams are projected to top their season win total:

  • Celtics 3-2 (projected remaining record)
  • Bulls 3-1
  • Warriors 3.5-0.5
  • Grizzlies 3-1
  • Thunder 3-2
  • Kings 2-2

Golden State’s win total was well on its way to go UNDER before the team went on a 12 game win streak. OVER bettors could get hosed if Steve Kerr decides to rest his players. The Dubs can only afford one loss in the last week.

These teams are projected to go UNDER

  • Hawks 2-3 (projected remaining record)
  • Nets 1-3
  • Hornets 2-2
  • Lakers 1-4
  • Pelicans 1-3
  • Raptors 2-2

Brooklyn is projected to miss going OVER its win total by 0.5 a game. The Nets have been bad all season but winners of six of their last nine and 3 of 4 have given some bettors hope. It looks like the UNDER will hit but that is why you play the games.

I personally took four OVER bets (Rockets, Nuggets, Bucks and Nets). I’ll be sweating Brooklyn the rest of the season. What teams will have you glued to the television the rest of the year?

NBA Win Totals – Confirmed Results

TeamWin TotalCurrent WinsGames Left
Cleveland Cavaliers56.550UNDER
Dallas Mavericks39.532UNDER
Denver Nuggets34.535OVER
Detroit Pistons45.534UNDER
Houston Rockets41.550OVER
Indiana Pacers43.538UNDER
Los Angeles Clippers53.544UNDER
Miami Heat36.537OVER
Milwaukee Bucks39.540OVER
Minnesota Timberwolves41.528UNDER
New York Knicks38.527UNDER
Orlando Magic36.527UNDER
Philadelphia 76ers27.528OVER
Phoenix Suns26.522UNDER
Portland Trail Blazers46.534UNDER
San Antonio Spurs56.560OVER
Utah Jazz47.548OVER
Washington Wizards42.545OVER