With the season underway, I wanted to feature some of my favorite pro NBA systems available in the Think Tank.  All of these systems are available to current Bet Labs members and you can copy, edit, and follow these systems with just a few clicks.

Visitor Recent Dogs – Losing Streaks


I really like this system because it is simple and consistent.  Only five filters are used and the system makes real-world sense.  It has won money in seven of the past eight seasons with the best season coming in 2008-09 with +32.2 units won.  The ROI of this system is 5.6% over all seasons and with an average of 1.2 plays per night, it is a great way to churn bets and to build your bankroll.


Fading Tired Home Teams


This system takes advantage of teams that may be tired due to their recent scheduling.  There are fewer plays than the previously highlighted system (roughly one match every three days) but the system boasts a 14.6% ROI.  There haven’t been any games that fit this system yet this season, but you will start to see them in your alerts as we advance into the heart of the NBA schedule.  This is our highest rated NBA pro system according to active Bet Labs users.


Good Teams Off Loss


This is the highest rated community system in the Think Tank.  That’s right, not only do you get the pro systems, but members of Bet Labs can share systems to the Think Tank to discuss ideas and trade information.  This also gives me the chance to answer an oft-asked question: “Should I continue to bet a system after a down season?”

The answer is based on the system itself.  If you aren’t back-fitting your data and have a system with predictive value, then I don’t believe you should abandon it after a negative season.  In this case, the system lost 2.5 units after averaging +14.5 units per season over the previous five seasons.  I still like the underlying idea of this system and believe it will be profitable going forward.

Once again, these systems are available in the Think Tank along with hundreds more.  We are currently offering a 6-day trial for 50% off the normal price if you have wanted to try out the software.  If you have any questions, you can contact me at help@betlabssports.com or on twitter @Bet_Labs.