NBA Free Agency will be Boring

NBA free agency starts in less than 24 hours. Big whoop. There has been a lot of build up for an event that won’t deliver. Mark my words, NBA free agency will be boring. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you.

Here are three of the biggest free agents and the odds for which team will sign them. Don’t come at me with LeBron talk. Sure James is technically a free agent after opting out of the final year of his contract but no one believes the King is abdicating the throne in Cleveland.

Kevin Durant

The big question is where will KD play next season? If you believe the odds (courtesy of its not much of a debate. The implied probability that the Thunder retain Durant is 85.7 percent.


Sources say that Durant will meet with OKC on Thursday (before free agency starts!). A deal could be in place (though not in accordance with league rules) before the star leaves Oklahoma.

Verdict: BORING!

Dwight Howard

The 30 year old center will meet with five teams including the Boston Celtics, Atlanta Hawks…

Just talking about Dwight makes me want to:

Any Other Team5/2

If Howard goes to Boston, the Celtics instantly become a title contender another team for the Cavs to beat. The East belongs to LeBron!

Verdict: Besides the Game of Thrones gif, BORING!

DeMar DeRozan

Unless you live north of the wall, aka Canada, no one cares where DeRozan goes. He is a good but not great player. DeRozan is a two-time All-Star but can’t make a team a title contender on his own. Besides, it would only be entertaining if he took his talents elsewhere but the Raptors are locks (93.8 percent) to keep him.

Any Other Team7/1

Verdict: BORING!

Call me a hater but unless Durant leaves OKC, free agency will be boring.

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