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The 2016-17 NBA season tips off tonight with three games.  There will be games nearly every day between now and June which gives bettors a lot of opportunities to bet.  To prepare for the season, I went through the PRO systems that are available to all Bet Labs members.  I picked out three of my favorites that I plan on betting this season.  While the most common bet type for the NBA is full game spreads, these three systems feature other bet types that you can analyze with the Bet Labs software.

Small NBA Road Dogs, Against Public

This system focuses on road teams that are small underdogs.  We then filtered to only bet on teams that the public is betting against.  But this isn’t a spread system, this is a moneyline system.  So we aren’t betting on the team to cover, we’re betting on them to win the game straight up.


This system doesn’t produce a lot of matches throughout the season but the high ROI and good payout on moneyline dogs makes it one of my favorites for the upcoming season.  This system is available in the Think Tank for users to copy and start getting matches right now.

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Home Team Coming Off Poor Offensive Game

We used the software and found that teams at home that couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn the previous game were in a good spot to bounce back the next game.  Taking the over in that team’s next game has been very profitable for bettors who could easily forget the putrid shooting of the team’s previous game.  By having a short-term memory, you can take advantage of a team that should regress to the mean and also could be up against a betting line that is a little too low.


This system has gone over nearly 62% of the time, a remarkable feat for a sample size of over 250 games.  I expect this system to continue to produce profits for our users that follow this system.

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Big Favorite, Losing Bad At Halftime

Not only can you analyze betting data for the full game, but users can also analyze first half and second half data as well.  In this case, we wanted to see how big favorites perform when they are down at halftime.  It turns out, the data shows that these teams pick up the pace in the second half and beat the second half line more often than not.


The big favorite has come back and covered the second half line over two thirds of the time.  Although it’s a smaller sample size, the results of the system are too good to be ignored.  The system also passes the common sense test as it rings true as something you would expect during the normal flow of an NBA game.

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