It’s officially bowl season and this is one of my favorite times of year to use the Bet Labs software.  With so few games on the board, each game gets much more betting attention than it would during a normal college football week.  Below, I’ll list three of my favorite Bet Labs systems that are built to focus on bowl games.

Low Percentage of bets, taking underdogs

This system has a ridiculous 75% win percentage against the spread and has a great graph with steady gains over each season:

First Graph

Betting against the public is often a sound strategy and bowl games are a time where public bettors show up in full force.  The influx of money will either force the line to move and you gain some extra points, or the sportsbooks simply take a stand and you decide to bet on the same side as the house which is almost always a +EV decision.

This system is available in the Think Tank to copy and is a great system to start following as it will produce a high number of plays during the bowl season.  You can take a closer look at this system and start following by clicking here or by clicking on the image of the graph above.

Bowl Teams Poor ATS past season

This is a unique system in that it doesn’t focus on the betting line or the betting percentages of the game.  Instead, it looks at the team’s ATS record during the season and bets on teams that struggled to cover the closing number.  Here are the results:

Second graph

Once again, we have an ideal graph that shows steady growth without a majority of gains coming in one season.  While the system is simple, the ideology is prudent and it is difficult to argue with the results.  This system doesn’t provide as many matches as the first highlighted system but still has a very profitable return on investment.

Bowl Teams With Experience

This last system isn’t as consistent as the previous two but I wanted to feature one of the filters that I find very interesting.  It uses a filter to determine if a team made the bowl game the previous season.  Using this filter, you are able to differentiate teams that have bowl game experience.  Whether or not that is valuable is debatable, but teams with more experience have covered the spread 56.6% of the time using these factors.

Third Graph

Again, this system isn’t perfect but that’s another good thing about the Think Tank.  You can provide feedback, you can copy this system and then adjust and add filters to improve the results.

You can copy these systems and hundreds more with an unlimited account.  And as always, you can start creating your very own systems as well.  If you are interested in trying it out, we have a 6-day trial of our best membership.  Best of luck during all of the bowl games!