The college football season is over.  The number of NFL games remaining is down to seven.  But the college basketball season is just heating up.  While football will continue to dominate in regards to gambling popularity, with Bet Labs you are able to follow all sports continuously throughout the year. Now is the perfect time of year to start gearing up for March Madness.

I already ran a simulation of the projected bracket and gave out some futures bets this week.  Today, I want to look at some of my favorite college basketball systems for the entire season.

Major Conference, Against Public

I really love the consistency of this system as you can see from this graph:

MC AP graph

As the system name suggests, this fits into the betting against the public philosophy but highlights specific conferences and totals that greatly improve the number of units won and total return on investment (ROI).  You can click on the name or image above to see the system in the Think Tank.  Current members can copy this system and instantly start seeing what games fit these criteria.

Lesser Known Weekday Games

The graph isn’t as pretty for this system as it had a down year in 2011-12 season.  However,  I really like the recent returns as I believe as the interest in sports betting grows, the public betting data used in this system becomes more meaningful.

LKWG graph

This game focuses on games that most people are more likely to ignore.  Instead of focusing on Saturday games, which are the popular choice for recreational bettors, this system focuses on games played during the week that aren’t getting a high number of bets.  With a relatively high number of filters used, this system produces a low volume of plays but has already produced +10 units of profit with plenty more opportunities on the horizon.

NCAA Tourney – First Round Totals

Although you can’t bet this system until March, I wanted to highlight it for a couple of reasons.  First, that we have data available specifically for the NCAA Tournament (and also the NIT, CBI, CIT, and whatever new one comes out this year).  Secondly, it has a remarkable win rate:


The system is 61-26, which is a 70.1% win rate.  There are roughly eight plays generated per tournament, all during the first two days of the tournament.  So call in sick from work, head to the local bar, bet some tournament totals and enjoy March Madness the way it was intended.

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