My Favorite College Basketball Systems

The 2016-17 college basketball season tips off tonight with a ton of action available. As I usually do at the beginning of the season, I go through our PRO systems in the Think Tank and highlight a few that I encourage all of our members to follow. Here are my three favorite college basketball systems heading into the season:

Going Contrarian on Saturdays

Although the season starts on a Friday, when the season heats up, Saturdays become the biggest day of the week for college basketball bettors. By highlighting the most bet games of the weekend, we can find value in betting against the public in these high profile games.


This game has produced over a 60% win rate against the closing line at Pinnacle since 2005. Not only is this system profitable, but it also gives you a chance to bet on the biggest games each Saturday.

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Top 15 Teams at Home

With over 350 teams in D-1 basketball, a great way to separate teams is by analyzing their national ranking. Using the Rank filter in Bet Labs, you can highlight only ranked teams, analyze when two unranked teams play against each other and more. In this case, we are focusing on a situation of the top 15 teams playing on their home court.


Many people think that you can’t bet the best teams because the line will be shaded in their favor but this system’s results contradict that theory. Even when betting on the best teams in the country, there are still ways to be profitable.

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Moneyline Home Teams

While betting teams on the spread is the most common bet type for college basketball, you can also analyze games on the moneyline (and also the over/under).  For this system we look at home teams in conference play and have found the perfect scenario to bet these teams to take care of home court.


The sample size of this system is over 2000 games and it has produced a 5.2% return on investment (ROI) during that time.  The ROI isn’t as high as we see in some of our other PRO systems, but with so many games that fit, this is a great system to churn out units over the course of the season.

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