While we love to highlight the Bet Labs software and what it can do, it’s sometimes good to take a step back and look at sports betting from a broader perspective.  In this case, I’m going to be introducing the multiverse theory and how I think it relates to sports betting.

The multiverse theory loosely states that there are multiple universes that are all unique.  Perhaps you remember the 90’s show Sliders or the episode of Family Guy where Brian and Stewie jump from Earth to Earth making humorous quips along the way.  There could be a parallel universe where the sky is green, a parallel universe where a day is 23 hours long, and hopefully a parallel universe where sports betting is legal in every state and country in the world.

What does this have to do with betting sports?  This theory is a good way to rationalize your bets.  In this universe, we only get to see the game play out one time but what if it were played a hundred? A million?  This is why smart bettors can say they were on the right side of the game even when it loses.  If the game could be played over and over again, they would still place the same bet knowing that over time they would come out ahead.

In a parallel universe, perhaps that late game fumble doesn’t cost you or maybe Aaron Rodgers’ hail mary attempt falls incomplete.  This is why you shouldn’t get too high or too low over one game.  The goal is to consistently find games with an edge and exploit that edge over time, no matter what universe you live in.

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