The super-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is just a month away on August 26th. Here is everything you need to know about one of the most hyped fights in history.

Betting Line

Mayweather opened as a sizeable favorite (bet $2,000 to win $100) but the line has steadily dropped. The closer we get to the fight the more casual bettors, unwilling to bet large odds to win little money, are taking McGregor.

If you believe McGregor ‘is going to get killed boxing’ as Mike Tyson does, then the longer you wait the better odds you might get on Mayweather.

BoxerJuly 2017 (BetOnline)May 2017 (Bookmaker)January 2017 (Top Bet)May 2016 (Bovada)
Floyd Mayweather-715-1085-2000-2000
Conor McGregor+540+735+1000+900

Betting Limits

Pinnacle and Heritage are taking the biggest bets right now but Vegas sportsbooks CG Technology’s limits fluctuate based on exposure per SportsInsights. Leading up to the fight there will be six figure bets placed.

Prop Bets

If you don’t feel like betting the match straight-up, there is a slew of prop bets available

How many rounds will the fight go? (BetOnline)

How will the fight be decided? (Paddy Power)

A unanimous decision (17/10) is the favorite but knockout (2/1) has the second best betting odds.

Will the Fight take place on August 26th? (BetOnline)

“Money” Mayweather is expected to make at least $100 million and McGregor could take home a minimum of $75 million. Each fighter’s total could balloon to four times that amount depending on pay per view purchases. The fight is definitely going to happen.


To be knocked down? (Paddy Power) 

Total knock downs in the fight (Paddy Power)


Who will the President pick to win? (BetOnline) 

Will there be a rematch? (BetOnline) 

One and done, no rematch is expected before the end of 2018.

Will the fight last 60 seconds or less? (PaddyPower

You can get 20/1 odds for either fighter to win in a minute or less but a decision is the most likely outcome in this fight. 

Miscellaneous Props (PaddyPower)


Check back as the fight draws near. More prop bets will be available for wagering.