The calendar has officially turned over to March and offices all over the country are gearing up for their bracket pools.  For Bet Labs users, this is an exciting time because many of our most profitable college basketball systems are designed specifically for this time of year, when public action is at its highest.

Here are three of my favorite systems that all Bet Labs users have access to in out Think Tank.

Conference Tourney Final Unders

Before we can get to the NCAA tournament, we first have to get through the conference tournaments.  This system focuses on taking the under in these conference tournament finals.  Teams have often played multiple days in a row and as legs get tired, shooting percentages start to drop.  This system takes advantage of that and has been profitable for eight straight seasons.

NCAA Tourney First Round

This system is specifically designed for the first round and is another over/under system.  This is also a great example of a question that I get a lot from members: “Do you still follow a system after having a losing year?”.  It depends on the particular system including the number of games, but for the most part I still believe in systems even after a down year.  Unless there has been a specific rule change or something that would directly affect future results, I tend to stick to the same systems and expect this system to bounce back this tournament.

NCAA Tourney Defensive Teams

While most basketball fans are fans of high scoring including 3-pointers and slam dunks, this system focuses on teams that are doing well on the defensive end.  This also boasts a large sample size for a system that focuses solely on the NCAA tournament.  There have been 246 games since 2005 and bettors have enjoyed a 58.5% win rate over that span.

There are even more tournament systems in the PRO section of our Think Tank.  There are also countless others that you can create yourself.  If you aren’t a member yet, now is the perfect time to start.  With our new Starter plan, you can sign up for only $49 for the first month.  Now that’s Madness.

March Madness

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