Now that the regular season has concluded, we can prepare for the chaos of bowl season.  There are 738 bowls this season or at least it seems that way.  In truth, “bowl season” has been one of the most profitable times for our betting systems.  Year after year, we are able to take advantage of systems that highlight teams that most bettors are staying away from.

Bowl Teams Bad ATS During Season

For this system, we highlight teams that had a difficult time covering the number during the season.  When a team has struggled to stay within the spread during the regular season, bettors are hesitant to plop down their money on them in their bowl game.  This has created value on these teams and they have covered their bowl games nearly 70% of the time.


Contrarian Dogs vs. Ranked Teams

As the name suggests, this system starts by betting against the public.  In these bowl games, there is more attention given to each game since they are usually not competing for television ratings with any other games.  Because of this, the number of bets on bowl games is higher than what we see during the regular season which makes it an excellent time to fade the popular opinion on these games.

Combine the contrarian aspect with the idea of fading a team that is considered good according to the rankings and we have a system that has covered over 70% of the time.  While the sample size is small for this system, the consistent results and win percentage make it a must-follow at the end of the season.


Bowl Games, Low Scoring Dogs

While it’s way more fun to root for high scoring teams that throw the ball all over the place, this system focuses on games that are projected to actually have some defense involved.  Taking the underdogs in this game has not only been profitable at a 62.6% win rate, but the teams that fit this system have covered by an average of over three points.


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