Ball is back. The 2017-18 NBA season tips off tonight, which means its time to review a few of our favorite NBA betting systems. Each Pro System below can be found in the Think Tank and are available to Bet Labs users.

Underdogs on ATS Losing Streak

The most profitable betting systems follow two rules:

  1. Have a large sample
  2. Consistent winning results

Betting underdogs that have failed to cover the spread in recent games has gone 1383-1177 ATS, +140.5 units since 2005. With more than 2,500 games in our sample we can feel confident in placing a bet when a game matches this system.

Home Teams after Bad Offensive Game

What happened in a team’s previous game will impact how casual bettors wager on them in the next outing. If an NBA team has a bad offensive game, square bettors are likely to fade them. Contrarian bettors can take advantage of this recency bias and bet teams to bounce back. NBA teams after a bad offensive game have gone 166-102 (61.9%) ATS.


Back-to-back games give players little time to rest and recover, which can be worsened by travel schedules. However, early in the season, when players are still fresh, the impact of playing games in consecutive nights is overrated. It has been profitable to bet teams on back-to-backs when the season is young: 211-149 (58.6%) ATS, +53.26 units.

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