Rich Eisen has been running the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in a suit since 2005. After a disappointing 6.10 time in 2015, the NFL Network host set a personal record last season running a 5.94.

As you can see from the table below Eisen has made steady improvement over the years. Will he break the record he set in 2016?

Apparently Eisen has elicited help from 13-times Olympic and World Championship gold medalist Michael Johnson. The dude takes #RunRichRun seriously, it is for charity.

It has been three weeks since Super Bowl 51, for NFL bettors needing a fix there are NFL Combine props available. The over/under for Eisen’s 40-yard dash is 6.03 seconds (

Will Eisen top 6.03? Better question – could you?

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Year40-yard dash time
20165.94 seconds
20156.10 seconds
20145.98 seconds
20136.03 seconds
20126.03 seconds
20116.18 seconds
20106.21 seconds
20096.34 seconds
20086.34 seconds
20076.43 seconds
20066.22 seconds
20056.77 seconds