The Falcons suffered the most devastating loss in Super Bowl history. Atlanta blew a 25-point second half lead and lost 34-28 in overtime to the New England Patriots. Despite the collapse, the Falcons are one of the favorites (12/1) to win Super Bowl LII but Atlanta will have to overcome history to return to the Super Bowl.

The last team to lose the Super Bowl and return to the championship game was the Buffalo Bills in 1993. Only the Dallas Cowboys (Super Bowl V) and Miami Dolphins (Super Bowl VI) revenged their title game losses.

Super Bowl Runner-Up (next season)

  • Finished below .500 – 10
  • Won 10+ games – 32
  • Won Division -26
  • Missed Playoffs -15
  • Made Playoffs – 35
  • Won a Playoff Game -17
  • Returned to Super Bowl – 7
  • Won Super Bowl – 2

The Super Bowl runner-up has performed well the next season with 32 teams winning 10 or more games and 70% of teams returning to the playoffs. Yet only 7 teams to lose on Super Sunday were back the next season compare to 12 defending champions that played in back-to-back games.

Atlanta has the talent to make another deep playoff run with MVP Matt Ryan leading one of the most prolific offenses in the league. However, this is the same thing we were saying about the Panthers a year ago and the then-reigning MVP Cam Newton led Carolina to a 6-10 record.

Football is over, sad.

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Super BowlWinnerNext Season Result?
LPanthersMissed Playoffs
XLIXSeahawksLost Divisional Round
XLVIIIBroncosLost Divisional Round
XLVII49ersLost Conference
XLVIPatriotsLost Divisional Round
XLVSteelersLost Wild Card
XLIVColtsLost Wild Card
XLIIICardinalsLost Divisional Round
XLIIPatriotsMissed Playoffs
XLIBearsMissed Playoffs
XLSeahawksLost Divisional Round
XXXIXEaglesMissed Playoffs
XXXVIIIPanthersMissed Playoffs
XXXVIIRaidersMissed Playoffs
XXXVIRamsMissed Playoffs
XXXVGiantsMissed Playoffs
XXXIVTitansLost Divisional Round
XXXIIIFalconsMissed Playoffs
XXXIIPackersLost Wild Card
XXXIPatriotsLost Divisional Round
XXXSteelersLost Divisional Round
XXIXChargersLost Wild Card
XXVIIIBillsMissed Playoffs
XXVIIBillsLost Super Bowl
XXVIBillsLost Super Bowl
XXVBillsLost Super Bowl
XXIVBroncosMissed Playoffs
XXIIIBengalsMissed Playoffs
XXIIBroncosMissed Playoffs
XXIBroncosLost Super Bowl
XXPatriotsLost Divisional Round
XIXDolphinsLost Conference
XVIIIRedskinsLost Divisional Round
XVIIDolphinsLost Divisional Round
XVIBengalsLost Wild Card
XVEaglesLost Wild Card
XIVRamsLost Wild Card
XIIICowboysLost Divisional Round
XIIBroncosLost Divisional Round
XIVikingsLost Conference
XCowboysLost Divisional Round
IXVikingsLost Divisional Round
VIIIVikingsLost Super Bowl
VIIRedskinsLost Divisional Round
VIDolphinsWon Super Bowl
VDallas CowboysWon Super Bowl
IVVikingsLost Divisional Round
IIIColtsMissed Playoffs
IIRaidersLost Conference
IChiefsMissed Playoffs