Lee Corso is the star of ESPN’s “College GameDay.” The 81-year old has been part of the popular college football pregame show since 1987. His headgear predictions are a fan favorite.

Corso started making the headgear picks in 1996. As with everything in sports, you can bet on which team the football analyst will pick. At 5Dimes, Louisville is the favorite in Saturday’s top 25 matchup against Clemson.

We don’t want to bet on which team the broadcaster will pick, instead we want to fade Corso’s headgear selection. In the last five years, if you bet against Corso’s headgear pick you would have gone 53-31-2 (63.1%) ATS. These results are based on headgear picks catalogued by gamedaycole and excludes four FCS games that did not have lines.

Why would this be a profitable betting strategy? Corso is an avatar for the public. “College GameDay” is often hosted at the site of the marquee matchup of the weekend. In the last five years, if you bet against the public (teams getting less than 50% of spread bets) in highly wagered games featuring a top 25 team you would have gone 49-36 (57.6%) ATS.

On Saturday, Corso will pick either Louisville or Clemson to win. Remember, Corso is the stand-in for the casual bettor. Fade his headgear picks because betting against the public is a profitable strategy.

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