The Los Angeles Lakers suffered the worst loss in franchise history when the Dallas Mavericks routed the Lakers 122-73 on Sunday. The 49 point drubbing is the worst defeat this season. How do teams perform after being blown out?

First, losses by 40 or more points don’t happen that often. Since 2004, there have been just 68 times, less than half a percent of all games in our database, a team has been blown out by 40 or more points. In the following game, the teams that lost by 40 or more points have gone 33-35 ATS.

Teams that lose by 30 or more points have gone 224-233 ATS and teams that lost by 20 or more points have gone 1065-1069 ATS.

It is important to not overreact to one game. However, casual bettors tend too. In the next game after each NBA franchise’s worst loss, 23 out of 30 teams received less than 50% of the bets to cover. After each team’s worst defeat the losing squads went 15-14-1 ATS.

One game means little in the NBA. Don’t overreact to a bad loss.

TeamBiggest DefeatDateATS Result Next Game
Atlanta Hawks442016loss
Boston Celtics322012won
Brooklyn Nets442014won
Charlotte Hornets452012won
Chicago Bulls422013won
Cleveland Cavaliers552011loss
Dallas Mavericks382016won
Denver Nuggets442009won
Detroit Pistons432016loss
Golden State Warriors402014won
Houston Rockets402009won
Indiana Pacers432010won
LA Clippers402010won
Los Angeles Lakers492017?
Memphis Grizzlies502015won
Miami Heat422008loss
Milwaukee Bucks452008won
Minnesota Timberwolves482014loss
New Orleans Pelicans582009loss
New York Knicks502010won
Oklahoma City Thunder522008push
Orlando Magic402005loss
Philadelphia 76ers532014won
Phoenix Suns402016loss
Portland Trail Blazers452016loss
Sacramento Kings482009loss
San Antonio Spurs402012won
Toronto Raptors402011loss
Utah Jazz452013loss
Washington Wizards422008loss